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We support teenage mental health! With financial donations, we create a space for socializing, building self-esteem, and managing stress. We offer seminars, workshops and one-on-one sessions with professionals. Special workshops for esports and toxic relationship prevention.



Initiatives to promote teenage mental health. Includes esports research, mental health education for teens and parents, and educational content in partnership with schools and influencers.



Esport/gaming is very popular with teenagers. We want to start with market research to see what the topic of mental health looks like not only for gamers, but also for computer game fans.



Together with influencers and streamers, we are going to make videos, podcasts, shows that will help students understand the importance of mental health and prevention of internal failure in an inspiring way. We also want to work directly with schools.

Parent and
his child

Parents are often unaware of their children's problems or have no idea how to deal with them. That's why we want to educate parents too, to teach them how to recognise the warning signs, how to communicate with their children about their problems and how to help them.

The Soul of 
a teenager

In the form of workshops, lectures, but also individual sessions with our coaches and in cooperation with mental health professionals, we want to open up topics for teenagers that could help them manage the situations they encounter in their lives.



All funds will be used to support teen mental health.

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