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Esport/gaming is very popular among teenagers. We want to start with market research to see what the topic of mental health looks like not only for gamers, but also for computer game fans. In close cooperation with the French esport organisation Vitality, we want to analyse the data and, based on this, propose our actions in this area.

The topic of mental health in esports in general has been a much talked about topic lately. Esport/gaming is one of the most common activities for teenagers (70% of Czech students actively play games, with 40.6% gaming, ISIC 2022) We would like to map the mental health field in this area. which will help us to more effectively prepare help for those of you who need it.

At the same time, the French organization Vitality, where Karel was a part of the Valorant team, is launching a special project with the Twisten Foundation. The KARE project (in honor of his name) will focus on mental health in esports. It will have three goals: to raise awareness about mental health in the gaming community, to help players avoid mental health issues, and to put pressure on mental health support within their organization. Project KARE also plans to support and work closely with the Twisten Foundation.

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